My Latest Love: Nike+iPod

Ladies and gentlemen: I have a new love in my life. That’s right. Move over, J, you are being replaced by a piece of technology.


The Nike + iPod has won my heart.

About two months ago I won a gift certificate to my Running Store for $30. I was so excited, but hesitated buying something until I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase. Stupid, stupid move. I waited two months to buy this gadget? Actually I waited longer because J suggested I buy it back in April when I first signed up for the Half Marathon. Here’s my public apology: I should have listened!

But since it was a piece of technology, naturally I thought it would cost me more than $30. Which, it did–an extra $5 for the rubber on your shoe (my running shoes aren’t Nike). Well, $5 won’t break the bank. I wish more than anything I had started my training with this. (Btw this is not at all a sponsored post.)

My life before the Nike + iPod:
In a nutshell: terrible. I would run a while, then come back and look on GoogleMaps to determine how far I ran. I never knew how many calories I burned (hate running on the treadmill), and only on days that I wasn’t lazy (ahem–rarely) would I figure out my pace.

My life with Nike + iPod:
Better than I ever imagined. I start my run setting a goal up front: Distance, Calorie Burn, or Time. I pick a good playlist and then start running. A kind voice tells me each 0.5 mile what I’ve done and reports my pace thus far. The first time I used it I heard “Pace: 10:37” and thought to myself “Well, I can push myself a little harder than that.” By the end of the run, I had averaged a 9:48/mile. Pretty awesome! But what’s even more awesome? You can go home, plug in your ipod and keep a database online of all of your runs, which playlist you ran to, connect with other runners around the world, post goals, etc.

There are so many great new options for fitness trackers today, as listed in this great roundup of theĀ best fitness trackers for women.

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  • meeee! i got mine about 1.5 months ago. It is slightly in accurate (i think it depends on your running gait) for me, but at least ist always says I went farther than I really did! :)

    But anyway, i really like it.

  • Wow! If this isn’t a sponsored ad on your blog it sure as heck should be, because i completely want to go out and buy one now! Sounds awesome.

  • wow! This sounds so cool. I was under the impression that you had to have nike shoes. And how awesome is it that a voice tells you how fast you’re going? haha, VERY cool. Would make an excellent Christmas gift for my hubby who is obsessive about how fast he runs!

  • Very cool! I could write a similar story. Pre Nike+ (I have the sportband, since I run with no music or sometimes my tiny zune player) – would run 1 to 4 times a month, never consistently, and seemed to always be “starting over.” No goals, no motivation.

    Post Nike+, I did my first 10K about a monthy into it, ran my first half-marathon about four months in, and have since run 178 times in 13 months, and have logged 950 miles.

    I love that it updates facebook and twitter for me – that provides extra accountability with runner-friends on each, and it’s just what I need to keep myself motivated and setting new goals.

    The simplicity of it is the best thing, and Nike is great to work with if there’s ever any trouble.