$50 Challenge

One of my favorite blogs, Always the Planner, posted about Small Challenges and how they help with achieving big goals. I have a small challenge for myself that if met could make a huge difference in my savings for October.

My challenge is to only spend $50 from now until payday, which is next Wednesday, Sept 30th.

That’s actually all I have left in my bank account (spending report will be up tomorrow), but I also will be getting some extra money this weekend and I want ALL of it to go to my Emergency Fund or Car Savings. I’m thinking I’ll make a minimum of $270. That would definitely help pay for all those car repairs I need.

How do I plan to spend $50 in one week? It shouldn’t be too bad because I am babysitting tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday. So I’ll make money, but I also won’t have any social-spending temptations. Aka: my weekend’s going to be lame.

I’m thinking of this $50, about $30 will go towards gas and the rest I’ll use for quick dinners out or little expenses that may come up. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Anyone else want to join me with spending no more than $50 until payday? Come on guys, have a lame weekend with me! ;)

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  • I will join the $50 for a week challenge. I also get paid on the last day of the month.

    I will post my spending plan on my blog. Even though I’m on travel, I think I can successfully spend less than $50.

  • Count me in! I definitely have a tight budget between now and payday . . . and other than a 5K that I’ll be walking, I plan on keeping a very very low profile this weekend!

  • I really think that’s impossible in NYC. I mean, I just took a breath this morning and I think my bank account went down about $40. Haha.

    I do remember one time, I had about 4 days until pay day and I had $23 to my name (the name of the post is failing me now). I did it though. I ended with $3.00 on pay day. So that was pretty much the lamest week of my life, but I made it!

    Good luck, MPP.