Well, hello there Friday!

My goodness this week flew! No, no. My goodness this MONTH flew! It’s already September 25th? Wow. Time’s flying, and I’m okay with that. I cannot wait for October!

Starting Balance: $182.04

-$15 dry cleaners
-$71.99 electric bill
-$33.41 cable
Ran: 2 miles

-$4.15 groceries (coffee+creamer)
-$6.47 lunch
Ran: 3 miles

No spend day!
Ran: 0 miles/Yoga

No spend day!
+$50 babysitting (this went to my Car Repair Fund)*
Ran: 0 miles

Ending Balance: $47.02

Like I said before, I’m babysitting quite a bit this weekend, so it should be pretty low-key. I also plan on running, cleaning the apartment (how does it get cluttery after one week??), and staying in because it’s suppose to be a rainy weekend. I kind of like rainy weekends, once in a while. I’d rather it be rainy and gross this weekend and beautiful the rest of the October. :)

Tomorrow marks two weeks until the Baltimore Half Marathon! Can you believe it? I haven’t been on my running schedule as much as I wanted (far from it!), but surprisingly I’m okay with it and feel semi-comfortable with the race. If I walk half of the time, who cares? It’s my first one and I will be happy if I finish, no matter my time.

*I’ve added a Car Repair Fund to the side just for reference. I have no specific goal, just between $300-600 in it per month in case of repairs.

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