A low-key weekend.

Beginning Balance: $47.02

-$30 gas
+$60 babysitting; added to the Car Repair Fund

+$55 babysitting; I’m going to keep this in Checking until Wednesday, just in case I need it

-$7.93 lunch
Ran: 5 miles

Ending Balance: $9.42

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I babysat late on Friday and Saturday nights. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to get extra money! It really makes a huge difference in my savings and comfort level with my budget. Thursday through Saturday I made $165 and I still have another job on Tuesday for a family that’s attending the U2 concert. I am very eager for Wednesday to get here so I can see what my new paycheck will be reflecting my raise. :) And then it’s October! My favorite!

As for running, this weekend marked two weeks until the Baltimore Half Marathon. I did some yoga on Saturday and ran on Sunday for only five miles. It may not be very far, but I ran faster than normal and I can feel it today.

Hope we all have a great week!

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