I want a puppy!

I’ve decided. Once I become debt free (circa May 2010?) and finish with my Phase 1 E-Fund of $6,000 (circa January 2011?), I’m getting a puppy. It will be my reward for being so diligent and frugal. :) I can’t have one now because of apartment restrictions, but I also don’t want a dog until I am more financially stable and have some money saved up for vet and pet maintenance costs.

I’m not sure what kind of dog I want, but I think I want one medium size, cuddly, lovable, playful, and preferably one that could go on a run with me.

Just take a look at what adorable pups are available out there:




OOOOOH!!!! They’re just all so precious! I want one now….

What do you hope to do or buy when you achieve a specific financial landmark? Please share!

{photos: the daily puppy}

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  • awww i have also been wanting a puppy so bad! i keep telling myself that when i’m out of credit card debt i can get one… can’t wait to see you get yours next year :)

  • My dog was given to me, but I am glad that I have her. She is the best companion. Good luck with the puppy search. Start now. It is so much fun!

  • We waited to get a dog until we had a house with a yard. It took all my patience to wait that long! We found our dog for free on craigslist after coming up with a list of breeds to watch for and watching the listings for a long while. We did consider 1-2 year old dogs rather than just puppies. The advantage: our dog came potty-trained & doesn’t chew things that aren’t his toys. Also came with some bad habits, but a training class helped with those, and training’s a good idea anyway.

    And, the last picture, of a Bernese Mountain Dog- that was a breed on our list, but I wasn’t sure we could handle such a big dog! As it is, we ended up with a gorgeous Australian Shepherd, who is plenty big for us!

    We “rewarded” ourselves when we got out of debt by saving up for a family member’s destination wedding in Hawaii, which we took in February.

  • Ohhh!! I am such a Dog lover. So is Lloyd. We definitely plan to buy a dog when we get a house. Right now, my parent’s dog is considered “mine” even though I don’t get to see her often.

    I’m getting a flippin’ king sized bed when we get a house!!!!

  • Great pictures!

    Jordan and I sooo want a dog as well. We’re waiting probably a year or two, until we’re in a place we can call our own. As long as we’re renting, it just wouldn’t work.

  • All of those puppies are so cute. My dad wanted a dog, so we pitched in as a family and got him Sonny, the cutest Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu mix, ever! Yup, it was mostly for the rest of us and not our dad, but even our dad loves his playfulness.

    Joanna makes a good point about the training. We had to teach him everything and even at 4 months old, he still has accidents, separation anxiety, and gnaws on anything that moves.

    Just prepare to spend a lot of time with him/her. And also, if you can, adopt. It’s, in some cases, cheaper and it is a nice gesture.

  • Awwww! I want a puppy! LOL! But my cats would be pretty ticked off if I brought one home.

    I hope to have an opportunity to travel more when I am out of debt so that’s really what I’m keeping in mind as I fight my nasty “spend demons”. I have my heart set on Paris. :)

  • Aww I had a similar post to this a few weeks ago about what I would do when my debt was paid off. I think I’m obligated to go see my grandma – I’m hoping I can get rid of all my credit card debt before Thanksgiving next year (here’s hoping).


    And for your puppy enjoyment, here is a picture of my pup, Jack, at 5 weeks old. =D


  • OMG. Puppies! I absolutely love puppies! We have a gorgeous white huskey with ice blue eyes. He looks like an angel, but he’s a devil. He’s not really a puppy anymore… he’s 18 months old, but he’s the most precious thing I’ve ever had. He’s really my baby.

  • Haha, when Chad and I were looking for a place here in VA, the first thing we did was make sure we could get a dog. Right now, though, we’ve been overwhelmed with Big Life Changes, so we’re holding off until the new year.

    I actually squealed with delight at the puppy photos. Out loud.

  • My boyfriend and I are DYING for a puppy! We want to wait until we buy a place though. Our roommate is allergic to dogs, plus our place is small… and those little buddies are not cheap!

    When I get my car paid off, I’m planning on indulging in a day at the spa! I’m super excited :-) After that I’m going to save in full force to make my emergency fund flush, and then start saving for a real honest to goodness vacation for the boy and I.