Bonjour October!

Hello Friends! October has FINALLY arrived–my favorite month of the year! Since I had so many September goals that weren’t met, I’m going to make October easy to succeed. ;)


October Goals:
1. Complete the Baltimore Half Marathon!
I cannot believe the half marathon is one week from Saturday! I’ve set the bar super low: if I finish I’ll be happy. Even if I walk the entire thing, that’s okay.

2. Have a fantastic time in Atlanta. :)
I’m going to Atlanta Oct 16-18th to visit my best friend, her husband, my sister, and J for the weekend.

3. Get car repairs fixed.
I need to at least get the oil change and figure out what’s going on with those noises. I’m not hesitating getting these fixed because of the money, but it’s such a hassle of finding someone to drop me off and being without my car for a day. Bah.

4. Do something autumn-y.
Like apple picking. Or visit a pumpkin patch. Or attend a festival. Or just take a walk on a leafy path. Or attend a college football game. Or buy a new scarf. Or drink apple cider. Or attend a halloween costume party. Ooooh accomplishing this goal won’t be hard at all….

5. Increase networth by at least $800.
This should be guaranteed with $600 to debt, $100 to Roth, $200 to 401(k), and all extra income to savings. Cha-ching!

{photo: via lori441@etsy}

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  • I love October too!! Especially decorating with fall leaves and pumpkins and all that. So much fun! Thanks for blogging- I read daily and it helps motivate me to stay on track with my savings. Also, good luck with the marathon! That is an awesome goal!

  • a marathon? even a half-marathon! wow! go go go! i am very impressed. i have to get some goals written down for the month too… hmm…

    also, you can tell i’m new at this PF thing because i was silly and thought i couldn’t increase my net worth until i was out of debt. d’oh. net worth includes debt, of course… so every time i make a payment, i increase my net worth. thanks for the accidental insight! :-)

  • Oh! Oh! Your #4 has inspired me to go check out one of the local mountain towns known for their apple pies. This is a good goal!!

    I’m so impressed with your half marathon goal! Whether you run or walk (or both) you will do wonderfully! :D

  • Great post! I’m loving these goals because they should be pretty easy to reach!

    Hurrah October, Halloween’s a comin’

  • Love October. My birthday, the crispness of fall (well, before I moved to SoCal)

    Love the photo too! Have a fun month!