September's Over?!

I blinked and now it’s October. Where did September go? I truly cannot believe how fast this month went by. Here’s a recap of my goals for the month.


  • Update resume & portfolio.
    Fail! Huge fail since this was suppose to happen in August. Oh well. I’ll do it on a slow day at work… if there ever is one.
  • Go running 4 times a week; work up to 8, 9, 10, 11-mile runs. Fail! I ran two 10-mile runs and one 9 mile. So, pretty decent I suppose.
  • Pay $500 to debt.
    As always, so excited to pay this off!
  • Figure out how to pay for the cruise.
    Check! Paid $150 and will pay the remainder Oct & Nov.
  • Get oil changed in car.
    Fail! I didn’t get my oil changed but did get some other stuff worked on.
  • Figure out new raise/money allocation.
    Half to 401k, half to debt. :)
  • Put at least half of the extra income I get into Emergency Fund.
    Half of the income went to Car Repair fund, not E-fund. Still a success I’d say.
  • Put together a list of fun fall things to do.
    I think I have too many to do lists! I’ll just make these fun things part of my October to-do list.
  • Cook at least four new recipes.
    I made two new recipes: pumpkin bars & angel pasta chicken.
  • Spend $100 on clothes.
    I spent $101 on myself and love the new autumn clothes!

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