Spending Report: 09/27-10/03

I know I’m a bit late in calculating my spending report, but there are so many transactions going all over the place I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’ve also included everything from Monday 9/27 to yesterday Saturday 10/3. Anything I spend today (Sunday) will be added to my Friday report of this week.

Beginning Balance: $64.42

-$3.92 dinner*
+$50 from roommate — Car Repair fund

+$85 babysitting
+$7.20 sold a book — Car Repair fund

+$2407 paycheck
-$18.34 dinner for me + friend*
-$32.65 Target for household items

-$17.69 gas
-$25 transfer to Car Repair fund
-$4.95 grocery store
-$660 rent
-$100 Roth IRA

-$41.72 amazon gifts
-$27.25 dinner*
-$10.75 movie ticket
-$1.58 coffee

-$12.59 lunch*
-$55 much needed haircut!

Ending Balance: $1544.98

*One thing’s for sure, I’ve spent WAY too much on dining already this month! $62.10! Wow. I need to tone that down a bit. It’s so hard though, when “dining out” is my favorite way to catch up with friends.

Anyway, I am doing ok I suppose. I always get nervous when I have this much money in my account and am eager for my scheduled $836 towards bills/savings/debt to go through next week.

{PS- it’s been a great weekend so far… pictures and post will be up tomorrow!}

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  • I hear you on the dining out thing. If only I could keep my house a bit neater, maybe I could take all the “dine in with your friends and save money suggestions.” As it is, I feel like I only have time to do one or the other.

  • Me three on the dining out. I refuse to give it up especially since I’m in the city and it really is the best way to catch up with friends. I live outside the city so having friends come over to dine is just not an option. But, I do love meeting up with friends and can’t slash don’t want to quantify the time spent with them.

  • Re: dining out. I understand! One way I hope to curve my dining out with friends expenses is by inviting people over to cook dinner with me. My friend A and I love Mexican food, which is very easy (and probably healthier) to make at home. Try to plan dinners at home with friends! :)