It was a fall-ish weekend!

On Saturday a few friends and I headed away from the city and into the countryside. We went to an orchard and picked our own apples, raspberries and pumpkins. The sky was blue, the air was crisp, and I even saw yellow leaves on some trees. I was in heaven. :)





pumpkin patch

In case you’re wondering what I look like, here’s a picture of me with a pumpkin head:


After picking, we all came back to my apartment and made an apple pie, apple sauce and apple chips. And I still have enough apples to make an apple crisp for when my parents arrive this weekend. Oh yum.

Total Cost:
Two bags of apples: FREE
Two cups of raspberries: FREE
Two pumpkins: $6.80

I highly recommend going to pick your own fruits and vegetables before the cold winter arrives. It’s usually very cheap (ahem–two cups of raspberries for FREE!), and it’s sooo much fun!

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  • I love this idea! Just looked one up in my area and planning on heading there this weekend and taking my niece along for the pumpkin patch and maybe some pumpkin decorating afterwards. Great idea!

  • You’re beautiful. That orange glow suits you!! Haha. But seriously, I’ve never been (insert fruit/vegetable)-picking. At 23, I think it’s high-time I start living!! That may be tough to do in NYC, but I’m sure if I go upstate or into Long Island, there should be some place, right?

  • Ok, you’ve stimulated my wishin’-for-apple-butter with this post. And now I’ve got to see if I can find an apple/fruit/veggie picking place in our area!

  • Great idea! I don’t think the local orchard will give it away, but I can always try.