Spending Report: Oct 4-8th

Beginning Balance: $1,544.98

-$50 Charity
-$14.82 Ulta – makeup
-$31.75 Clothes

-$600 Debt payment
-$84.59 Verizon – cell phone & internet

-$74.68 J.Crew swimsuits – ($25 my roommate needs to reimburse me for)
-$32 Car Insurance

-$50.39 Groceries
-$90 E-Fund
-$30 Cruise Fund
-3.71 Starbucks

Ending Balance: $563.04

Other transactions – not affecting monthly budget:
+$40 from babysitting
+$40 from my roommate
+$50 from babysitting
+$50 from a late birthday gift (thanks, uncle!)

I’m putting $90 towards my Emergency Fund and $100 towards my Car Repair fund. The Repair fund is now finally at $600! I’m planning on getting my car fixed next week and we’ll see how much I’ll have left after that.

Also: sorry for lack of comments and updating the blogroll. There are so many fantastic blogs out there, and I need to pay my respects to each that I follow. I hope to catch up by next Friday! :)

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  • You are doing so well that it seriously inspires me to work harder! My problem is coming up with a spreadsheet that helps me track everything. Got any tips on that?

  • Aw, thank you Kimmy! That really means a lot. I do have a spreadsheet that I use, plus daily checking my bank account. It may take a few days, but I will post something soon! Thanks for reading :)