September Net Worth: +$753

I’m pretty happy about September’s net worth. On any other month, I’d be kind of bummed about only an increase of $753, but this month I’m pretty pleased. I had $350 in car repairs, $150 towards the cruise, and $100 in my clothing budget for my birthday. I made a lot of money thanks to the Earn More Challenge and most of that went back to my Repair fund.

sept net worth

A few notes:
-Car Repair Fund: $471.56 (-$42)
Because of many car repairs, this account fluctuated the most over the month of September. I had to pay $350 to fix my car, plus added $318 back to it thanks to the Earn More Challenge and some birthday money.

-Cruise/Christmas Fund: $133.64 (-$150)
I paid $150 for the cruise deposit. I still have $227 left to pay and may have to use some more savings next month.

-Credit Card: $42.00 (-$42.00)
I use my credit card just for gaining points and pay it off each month. My payment hadn’t gone through yet at the end of the month, which is why it’s listed.


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