Changes to MPP

Greetings Friends!

If you’re reading this post via RSS feed, you may want to pop over to the actual “My Pretty Pennies” to see what the title and the rest of this post is all about. I promise you won’t have to click through ever again. (Unless of course you want to, and in that case, welcome!)

Change #1: The Header.
While I loved my European train ride picture through Germany, it’s time I put some “pretty” into this site, eh? Here’s my tribute to autumn with four things I love: DC row houses, beach bikes (that’s me!), brunch with girlfriends, and of course PUMPKINS.

Change #2: The Blogroll.
It seems daily I discover a new blog that I fall in love with. I’ve taken off the “Link Love” as a page and added it back to my sidebar for all to enjoy. There may still be some that I need to add, but at least here’s a start of what delightful little blogs I read daily.

Change #3: My Goals.
I’ve updated my goals a bit and reached a few that were notable, but I didn’t feel like broadcasting in a post: I’ve contributed $700 to my Roth IRA and reached my goal of earning an extra $2,009 in 2009. I’ve also updated the sidebars so there are fewer under savings.

Change #4: Advertising.
I promise not to clutter-up the site, but I may incorporate some advertising on the page. If anyone is interested being featured, please email me at myprettypennies[at] for ad opportunities and rates.

What do you think?
Now, a chance to ask you all if there’s anything you’d like to see. Do you get annoyed with my weekly spending reports? Think I talk too much about shopping, less about saving? Do I write too much about myself?

While I do blog firstly for myself (it’s a GREAT accoutability tool!), I also care about the relationships I’ve made via blogging and value your feedback. So please, let me know.

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  • I love the weekly spending reports! I enjoy peeking in on other people’s budgets, as creepy as that sounds. It breaks the monotony of my own budget. :-)

  • I love it! Is that you on the bike??

    I like your spending reports! But sometimes I want more detail in them….like how was dinner, was it worth the $10, where did you go (I think sometimes you put “dinner”)…but I know all that detail can be hard to put in your spending report. Maybe I’m just nosy!!! HAHAHA

  • Loving your new header! So cute.

    I think you’ve got a great blend of topics in your writing and it translates nicely to your blog. I wouldn’t change what you’re doing. :)

  • I like that you moved your blog roll, but am sad I’m not there anymore. =(

    However, I love your banner. It is really beautiful.

  • WHAT?? Oh my goodness, how did you get erased?! Ha, you are one of my top favorites… I am so so sorry!! You’re back on now. :)

  • Heheh thanks!

    As for the weekly spending reports PLEASE do not stop doing them if they help you.

    Everytime I see one of yours I think to myself “I should really do that with my money so I know where it is going…”

  • The updated look is fantastic. I love the orange and the hint of green. Very autumny, especially since this weather is not helping out one bit. Ok, maybe just in NY, where its crappy and not cool and crisp. LOL.

    I think you’re blog style is unique and I don’t think you should make any content changes. Keep it up!

  • I give the changes two big thumbs up. Nothing wrong with a little monetizing of your blog, as long as you don’t whore yourself out to check cashing companies and the like :)

  • Love the new header!

    I’m trying to think about anything I don’t like about your blog, but there really is nothing. And remember… first and foremost, your blog is for you.

  • the new look and feel is great. the header is adorable (but i was a big fan of the last one as well)! i also really enjoy your weekly updates as well as your training/running updates. do you often get questions from your readers? it would be nice to see you answer one or two questions here and there. i’d like to hear your thoughts on sticking to a budget… what motivates you to make good decisions?!