Spending Report & Budget for Atlanta

Like I said, I didn’t spend ANYTHING last weekend. Aren’t parents awesome? So here’s my spending report for this week. It’s a little early because I’m heading to Atlanta tomorrow.

Beginning Balance: $563.04

-$34.56 at Forever 21 – got a cute little jacket & wallet :)
-$10.59 at Papa John’s – yes, pizza on Monday night. I’ve been terrible this week.
-$7.05 on groceries

-$9.36 part of J’s CHRISTMAS present!!!
-$25.96 gasoline
-$3.35 at Home Depot

-$100 tithe
-$6.47 at Chipotle for lunch
-$10.55 hostess gift for my friend

Ending Balance: $355.15

Atlanta, here I come!
I am taking a vacation day tomorrow and am flying to ATLANTA! I’ve been planning this trip for a few months and am so excited. I am visiting my best friend/former roommate who got married in July. J and my sister are also meeting me down there. I know… two weekends in a row with my boyfriend?! Inconceivable!

My budget for the weekend is $150, which sounds like a lot, but we might do some shopping and I’d like to pay for J at dinner. Ooooh can’t wait!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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