Atlanta Expenses

What a lovely weekend I had with some of my favorite friends. Like all anticipated weekends, it went by too fast. They really want J and me to move down there, and I must say I am tempted. The cost of living is certainly less than here in Washington. I need to remind myself to be content with my apartment, even if I am paying twice what they do with half the amenities.


Beginning Balance: $355.15

-$5.23 breakfast at airport
-$28.68 lunch for J & me
-$20.00 movie tickets for J & me; saw Where the Wild Things Are

-$18.43 chipping in for groceries for dinner
-$3.66 pumpkin spice latte @ starbucks (mmm!)
-$18.01 netflix*

-$12.63 lunch at a delicious Tavern
-$4.17 pumpkin spice latte @ starbucks (seriously, i’m addicted!)
-$15.00 metro money

*I signed up for a trial netflix and forgot to cancel it! That was stupid. I hate paying fees like that which could have been easily avoided if I wasn’t lazy and forgetful. Lesson learned. At least I stayed within my weekend budget of $150!

Ending Balance: $229.34

Weekend highlights:
Mimosas, homemade pizzas, sleeping in, mario kart, airport pick-ups, wine, changing leavings, piedmont park, pumpkin spice lattes, laughing until our stomachs hurt. :)

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  • I’ve never been to Atlanta. Since you had a great time, I’m tempted. Although, wouldn’t your gas/car expenses would go up since you have to drive to get anywhere in Atlanta?

  • Yes, probably. But I drive to and from work here too… my work is on the outskirts of DC and not accessible via metro so I already spend 30 minutes in traffic to and from work each day as it is.

  • Ahh, well then. What are you waiting for??? I’m actually going down to DC this weekend. I’m from NY and this would be my 2nd visit to DC. I really love it there and I would move to DC in a heartbeat if I could keep up the same lifestyle there as I have here.