Have an autumny weekend!


The third weekend of October has always been my very favorite. It is peak weekend: the colors on the leaves are the most vibrant and the air feels 100% fall.

I love it.

Perhaps the weather won’t be this fabulous all weekend, or maybe it doesn’t feel that way where you live, but I think everyone should try to do something autumny no matter the weather. Me? I plan to attend an Oktoberfest and carve a pumpkin. Oh, and of course drink coffee in a cozy sweater like the picture above.

P.S. Autumny may not be recognized by spellcheck, but it is definitely a word. You have my permission to use it liberally. ;)

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  • I’m going to a Howl-o-ween party at Jack’s daycare. I’m really excited to see all the dogs in their costumes!

    Poor Jack may be the only dog without one. Maybe I’ll put a bandana around his neck and call him a cowboy ;)

  • Love the photo!! : ) I’ll be getting my fill of Autumny fun in – we’re having an early Halloween Party and carving pumpkins this weekend! Enjoy your Autumny weekend!!

  • i love this picture, too! what a great vantage point ;) i hope you have a wonderfully autumny weekend. i am planning on doing some yoga, going for a run & working on a few creative projects. yippie :)

  • My “autumny weekend” will entail being in a friend’s wedding on Saturday, and hopefully going for a nice walk on Sunday to enjoy the colorful trees.

  • I love your images! It’s pretty hot in CA, almost like spring/summer. I am seeing the leaves changing though!

  • I love your photo and am so incredibly envious. Here in Australia we are just starting to heat up and over the next few days are expecting 36 degrees and up, too hot!
    Autumn would definately be my favorite time of year, theres just something so cosy and easy going about it.