Spending Report: Oct. 19-22

Thanks for the encouraging words on my last post. It was just one of those days! It’s great to know that I am not the only one who feels that way once in a while. The car repairs ended up being $383. It’s less than $400 so I am happy.

My sister needed to raise money for a race she was in, so I gave her $100. I usually give $200 to charity/tithing a month, but since I’ve spent that amount for October, I’m “borrowing” from my November paycheck. This $100 is coming from my Car Repair fund, and I’ll pay myself back out of my Nov charity budget. It’s totally okay to borrow from yourself if it’s for a good cause. And helping sisters out for charity are ALWAYS a good cause. :)

Here’s what else I’ve spent this week:

Beginning Balance: $229.34

-$15.89 bought a shirt at Marshall’s (NO MORE SHOPPING THIS MONTH!!)
-$7.90 gift at Target; two birthday cards for friends

+$15.24 returned one of the swimsuits to J.Crew. Online shopping does have its drawbacks.

-$60.75 electric bill for the month
-$383.67 car repairs (taken from Car Repairs)
-$100 charity donation (taken from Car Repairs)

No spend day!
+50 babysitting (put towards Christmas!)

Ending Balance: $160.04

I have $150 in cash, which includes Thursday’s $50 earned cash. This money wasn’t calculated in my last few spending reports because it’s been hanging out in my wallet the last week. I am putting all this into my Christmas Fund. As promised, I will talk more about the Christmas Fund soon, but for now, the total is sitting nicely at $310.

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