It was an autumny weekend.

Beginning Balance: $160.04

-$27.07 gas
-$7.31 lunch @ Panera
+$40 babysitting

Friday at my office has become the notorious going-out-to-lunch-with-coworkers day. I do fine the entire week saying, “No thanks! I brought my lunch.” But there’s something about Friday that makes that excuse go out the window. I babysat a new family on Friday night for only 2.5 hours and made $40. Cheers!

-$24.11 ingredient at grocery store
-$3.92 Chickfila for lunch
+$59.99 rebate from tires (added to Car Refund)

Saturday was rather lazy because it was rainy and gross. In the afternoon I made a pizza dip and chocolate oatmeal cookies and then took them to an Oktoberfest party I attended that evening. I would have made something festive, but the store was all out of pumpkin puree.

-$21.20 nordstrom – bought sunglasses & earrings
-$20.43 trader joe’s
-$7.68 lunch at mall

Sunday was the autumn day I have been waiting for! It was absolutely gorgeous! Crisp air, blue sky, colorful leaves on every tree. I spent the day with my roommate catching up on apartment things and going shopping. After this weekend, I am done with shopping though!

Ending Balance: $88.32

All in all a great weekend. :)

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