Spending Report: 10/26-30


Happy Halloween! Isn’t this picture above adorable?? I love cute little kids in costumes. One day I hope to have a front porch where I can sit with friends and hand candy out to the trick or treaters all evening. :) Here’s my spending report for the week. It looks pretty good for the last week of the month!


Beginning Balance: $88.32

-$7.71 groceries – coffee & creamer for the week
-$67.09 cable – yeah, our promotion ended and it’s twice what it normally is. I didn’t want to get cable in the first place… I’ll save this for another post.

Tuesday & Wednesday:
Spent nothing!

Spent nothing!
+$60 babysitting (added to the Car Repair Fund)

Ending Balance: $13.52

Today is payday, but I don’t think I am going to count it until next week and see if I can use my $13.52 for this weekend. I am also awaiting $114 from my roommate for apartment reimbursements and should get that today.


Friday Shout Out:
I’d like to say a very belated congratulations to Forest @ Forest on Finance for getting married last month! Seriously, this is way overdue, but go look at the pretty pictures he posted. I love hearing guys talk about weddings and love (and money!), so you should check out his blog.

Weekend Plans?
Any awesome weekend plans? Anyone dressing up for Halloween? It’s a special night this year: on a Saturday AND you get an extra hour with Daylight Savings. I’m going to a party as a DC Tourist. Perhaps a little lame, but the $0 price tag sure makes it awesome.

Hope you all have a spoooky weekend! ;)

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  • Ah, thanks for the love, MPP! I’ll try to keep the blog posted with all my marital bliss, but you know, I’m having too much fun being married to keep up with blogging! I’ll work on that! Plus, stay tuned because we have a big shopping weekend coming up! I’ll try to post about it next week.