Hi November!


1. Continue no clothes shopping or eating out for lunch until 2010.
So far the challenge hasn’t been too hard. Except when all of my coworkers went out to lunch last Friday for sushi and I saw a $5 shirt at Urban Outfitters this weekend….

2. Increase net worth by $1,000.
Dare I try?? I will be buying some Christmas gifts and paying off the cruise balance, but I think I can do it.

3. Pay $700 towards debt.
Like I said, I’m going to add $100 to this month’s debt payment. Woohoo!

4. Run at least 40 miles.
To get in shape for my 10K race in December, I need to run a minimum of 10 miles per week.

5. Buy all of my Christmas presents.
I’m already getting nervous about what to get people! I love for gifts to be thoughtful and specific to each person, but I also like for all of the shopping to be finished by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holidays without that stress. Ah! Must make a list and start shopping now!

6. Have a delightful time visiting J.
Need I say more? :)

7. Post a list of things I’m thankful for.
I love Thanksgiving and certainly have so many things to be thankful for. Post to come!

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  • A no clothes buying challenge is a great idea – one that I should jump on as well. I have such a weakness for buying new clothes and my closet is so full already! Maybe if I try the no eating out challenge I will be able to fit back into the clothes I already have and my wardrobe will increase without spending a penny! LOL

  • this is a great post! you have really inspired me to cut back on my spending and focus on getting out. of. debt. i’m also trying to make it until the end of the year without buying any clothes. i like the idea of writing a gratitude list, can’t wait to read yours. keep up all the great work. xo, kaileenelise

  • Alll of your shopping done this month? That will be an impressive feat! I’m going to start next weekend when my mom’s in town.