October, what a great month you were!


october 100

1. Complete the Baltimore Half Marathon! DONE!
I did it! I did it! I did it! :D

2. Have a fantastic time in Atlanta. Done!
I had a great time and stayed within my $150 budget for the weekend.

3. Get car repairs fixed. Done!
I got $380 worth of repairs fixed in my car and hopefully I am good to go for the rest of the year. *crosses fingers*

4. Do something autumn-y.
Ooooh yes. Here are a few things I did:

-Apple picking
-Pumpkin picking
-Made pumpkin muffins
-Carved a pumpkin
-Took a walk on a leafy path
-Attended an Oktoberfest party
-Drank pumpkin ale
-Dressed up for halloween

5. Increase net worth by at least $800. Done!
Yes! I’m so happy that even with $380 in car repairs I increased my net worth more than $800. But more on that later….

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