October's Net Worth: Up $1,055!

My net worth increased more than I expected in October! I had a $380 car repair and contributed $100 more towards charity than I normally do.

october net worth

-I increased Christmas Fund by $180
-I saved $90 in my Emergency Fund
-I paid off $380 in car repairs and added $85 back to the Car Repair account
-Retirement is pretty standard, but I thought it would increase by at least $300.
-I earned $5.25 in interest and it all went to my Emergency Fund.
-I paid off $600 of debt.
-I use my credit card for some purchases because of the points. That will be paid off this week.
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Net Worth: $2,901!

I love months when it increases by $1000 or more! It means I’m doing something right. :)

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