Spending Report: Oct 30-Nov 2

The first few days of the month are filled with money moving in all different directions. After this week I’ll have a better idea of how much I will have for regular monthly spending.

Beginning Balance: $13.52

-$13.76 beer/wine for parties

-$25.66 Target – little household things, hair stuff
-$52.43 gift for J
+$2,407 salary paycheck!!!
+$100 utility money from roommate (mentally going towards debt)

-$96.41 at Urban Outfitters

My roommate and I really need to do some apartment therapy and I bought these curtains for our living room. We have three windows so I had to buy 6 panels. I didn’t really want to but my roommate told me she’d pay for half and we really need to make the living room more… livable.

-$125 Car Repair Fund
-$660 Rent
-$100 Roth IRA contribution

Ending Balance: $1,445.26

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