Debt Update!

Today my $700 check went to my debt! Yay! To date I’ve paid $10,300 and only have $3,500 left to go!

I’m not sure whether you all remember, but this debt goes to my parents. They took out a loan for my college, and I’m paying them back for most of it. Read our story here. My dad sent me an email last month when I upped my payment by $100 with my raise. Here’s what he wrote:


Dear [MPP],

I got your payment of $600 for the college loan today. I’m guessing that you have proportionately raised your monthly payment of debt relative to your increased income. This reflects a very strong discipline. You have demonstrated great wisdom and discipline in your consistent and aggressive payments!! I immediately deposit these checks and turn around and send a payment to our balance in addition to our monthly payment.

Anyway, again, Mom and I are very very proud of your discipline and consistency.

Love always,

PS, eager to see you soon!! Yehaww

Aw, I love my parents. Hopefully with the extra $100 he’ll be equally as proud. ;) Here’s what the chart looks like now:


Only FIVE more months until I’m debt free!

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