Spending Report Nov 3-5

Beginning Balance: $1,445.26

-$31.32 gasoline

-$25 thing for my computer
-$24.57 Target – $15 gift the rest was food/household stuff

-$700 debt!
-$32 car insurance
-$50 charity
-$85 verizon internet/cell phone
-$30 gym

Ending Balance: $467.37

About $1,000 has been moved around in the past few days. Whew! I’m not going to lie, I always get a little nervous knowing the money left in my account is what I need to live off for the rest of the month and it’s only November 5th! Also, two of my babysitting jobs have been canceled, which means I’ll only have one job this month. That’s about $100 in extra income that I was expecting for November. Eek! Oh well. I like a good challenge and I’ll just have to make that $467.37 go reeeeally far these next two weeks. ;)

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