Tuesday Daydreams


One day I’m going to start a “Dream Fund” where I can save for things I’ve always wanted to do.

Here’s a tiny list of things I’d love use this fund for:

  • Visit Disney World
  • Own at least one designer dress, shoe or purse
  • Donate $1,000 anonymously
  • Travel to Israel
  • Take ballroom dance lessons
  • Walk on the Wall of China
  • Take scuba diving lessons
  • Eat pasta in Italy
  • Learn to sail

What are you daydreaming about today?


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  • Daydreaming about…

    Skinny Jeans with Zippers
    Going to Disney World (I blame Well-Heeled!)
    Those cute Booties I saw at Steve Madden
    The weekend (actually I perenially dream of the weekend…)
    Learning to Salsa Dance
    Being as good of a cook as my Mom
    Traveling to Greece and/or Guatemala (I like Gs..I guess…)

  • Funny, I was daydreaming about getting a job somewhere that I would be able to scuba dive every weekend if I wanted. It has been a year since the last time I’ve gone – I’m really beginning to miss it.

  • Besides my normal daydream of winning the lottery? I’m daydreaming about getting my Christmas tree already, working from home, and buying a nice pair of tall boots or brown flats =)

  • Most of my “dreams” involve travel….I’d LOVE to see the Great Wall, the Grand Canyon, and all the famous architecture of Europe. [sigh] Oh, and an eating tour in Europe! (Country to be decided, although I’m leaning towards Italy). Oh, and a balloon ride through Nappa Valley! (I’m such a cliche!)

    There are tons of other things running through my mind, so I may just have to “borrow” this topic from you!

  • As someone who has realized her dream of designer shoes, my advice is go for the dress or the bag. The shoes pinch as much as the cheap ones :)

    And I know this is your PF blog, but I have to ask. . . How’s your mom doing?

  • Dreaming of
    1.a holiday somewhere cold (today in Australia 40 degrees)
    2.A house with studio
    3.Working freelance as an Illustrator
    4.Walk in wardrobe

    I thought you might like my mum’s idea, she has a dream fund and how she saves for it is called the $5 plan. Every time she gets a $5 note she puts it towards her dream fund. It’s amazing how soon they add up.

  • Most of my dreams are about travel too! I believe in writing dreams down, setting goal amounts for saving and watching the progress closely!

  • –Paying off all my revolving debts

    –Having a cushion in the bank (minimum of $2,000 in checking and $5,000 in savings at all times); not worrying that a car repair will overdraft my account

    –Buying a nice house Together with my husband where I can be proud to send my children to school

    –Being able to visit my family on the other side of the state without worrying about travel costs

    –Taking my children on trips to South America, Africa, and Northern Europe

    –Being able to save at least $30,000 toward each of my children’s post-secondary education.