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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about 2010. I think about my goals, my budget, my job, my apartment, my relationships. I want to accomplish so much this next year! You’ll see when I finally update my 2010 goals.

It’s great to make plans and dream, but sometimes it’s not the healthiest for me to do. Too often I romanticize about the past and the future and disregard where I am.

Just last night I was having dinner with a group of friends and we were talking about fun times last year as if we were all moving away and will never do anything awesome again. And of course with J graduating, I have been thinking nonstop about the posibilities of living in the same town and anxious to get on with that season of our lives. I think about how nice it would be to visit each other after work, go to free festivals together, make meals together, and even do mundane things like laundry together.

But I need to remember that today is pretty awesome too. I know I will look back on these days–this day–and miss this time of my life. I’ll miss funny moments with my roommate and the projects I’m working on with clients and late-night phone conversations and spontaneous visits home that have become so so special to me.

I’m sorry for the rambling post, but every now and then I need the reminder that it’s okay not to plan everything down to the detail and the dollar. Sometimes I just need to live and take each day as it comes. :)

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  • I completely agree. when I was at school and 500 miles away from the BF I couldn’t WAIT to move back in the same town as him.

    That was three years ago.

    Lately I’ve found myself wishing I was back at school, living without any true responsibilities and on my own. It was liberating being able to disappear any day I wanted (after class, of course) and not having a bunch of other people wondering where I was.

    I find it’s really hard to live in the moment. It takes a lot of energy from me, as I tend to plan plan plan! And when I’m not planning, I’m wishing it was the past, lol. I gotta work on that.