Spending Report Nov 9-12

Alright blogging buds. It’s time for me to get my head out of the clouds fantasizing and back to reality! My company is going on an overnight retreat today so I will be out of town for my spending report tomorrow. The expenses for today are going to be drafted into/out of my account. My boss said everything else will be taken care of, so I shouldn’t have any more expenses until the weekend.

Beginning balance: $342.61

-$152.73 on a Christmas gift for J!! I am so excited about this. I finally found something he will love.
-$2.47 on coffee creamer. A necessity, my friends.

-$267.40 for a business expense.
-$10.94 on ingredients at the grocery store. I know, I wasn’t suppose to grocery shop, but I went to a friend’s house to make dinner and needed some ingredients.
+$50 babysitting cash from two weeks ago I never got around to deposit. *

+$267.40 reimbursement for business expense
-$226.08 remaining Cruise balance (taken from Christmas Fund)**

Ending balance: $226.47

*I always count only my Checking Account balance as what I have to spend for the month. I just can’t keep track of cash! Does anyone have a cash-only approach to spending? It’s debit-card only for me.

**I went ahead and took the Christmas fund off my sidebar since I reached my $300 goal for the year. I have $85 left in this account and I may use this for miscellaneous purchases on the cruise and hope my normal salary can handle the rest of the Christmas expenses. We’ll see about that one. I only have three more gifts to get for J’s family and then I’ll be done! Hooray for early Christmas shopping!!!

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