Not all is lost….

I really was quite upset with myself for buying so many things on Sunday. It’s like another person took over my body! My roommate and I got to the outlet mall and stopped in Panera (for shopping energy, of course) where we devoured our half sandwiches in a five-minute sitting. We had a fiery rush to get out as everyone in the shopping center was already at our stores buying our clothes. Anyone else had that feeling?

I bought five things for myself (two pairs of work pants, black cardigan, purple flats, tweed pencil skirt), and one thing for J. The damage was $120.87. Eeek! (But at least better than my roommate who dropped no less than $400…)

After my retail regret yesterday, I decided there had to be some compromise for breaking my No-Shopping-Until-2010 Rule. At first I was going to take back some (all?) of my purchases, but I could use all of the clothes and figured it’s not every day to find such great deals on top of a 30% off coupon. Instead, however, I decided not to wear these things until after Christmas!

Because we’re going on a cruise instead of giving gifts to each other, I’m bound to get very little presents, so these five pieces of clothing won’t be worn until Christmas. :) Compromise?

Here’s the spending report from this weekend. Ugh, it’s awful.

Beginning balance: $226.47

-$30.36 gasoline
-$15.74 apartment decor
-$12.81 bar
-$10.57 lunch
-$7.31 dinner
-$4.49 groceries
-$120.87 banana republic credit card

Ending Balance: $24.32

I know, $25 left with two weeks in the month? I’ve got some extra income in the works so don’t worry just yet. I think I’ll make it to December without filing bankruptcy. If you find yourself getting bankrupt and needing to file for a bankruptcy, make sure you contact your bankruptcy attorney for expert legal advice. ;)

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  • eh – shopping happens. I can so understand the regret, but I don’t think that waiting until Christmas until wearing the items is a fair compromise. It makes more sense to me to donate some clothing that you don’t wear any more (if you have any) :D

  • OMG, I totally know what you mean about worrying that people are out there buying YOUR clothes!! ha ha – too funny.

  • I think that’s an awesome compromise.

    I get that way every time I go shopping – it’s gotten so bad, this month since I’m not allowed to sop, I’m not even letting myself go places where I might be tempted!

  • So umm… I pre-wrote my post for tomorrow this afternoon… and now I kinda feel bad after reading yours.

    Good thing you have the babysitting jobs!

  • I’d leave the clothing unused for, say, a week, and then decide if I still loved it all or could take a couple of things back. Then I’d wear it. It will only be this year’s clothing for a limited amount of time, you might as well enjoy it instead of artificially punishing yourself with it.

  • I had the same problem this month with overspending. I think you have the right idea about keeping the clothes until after Christmas and here is why:

    – You shouldn’t beat yourself up for slipping, just acknowledge that it can’t happen all the time. Sometimes we need a break from saving constantly, and then you’re able to get back on track without feeling like you’re giving up everything.

    -A lot of the benefit of shopping (for women anyway) is psychological. It makes us feel good to get pretty new things, and in some ways it can be relaxing, aside from the money spending.

    – You’ll have something to look forward to, which will hopefully curb your spending appetite for the rest of the year. I have such temptation issues around this time of year because I’m spending so much time buying gifts for other people and I always want to pick stuff up for myself at the same time.

    So, that is my take on the situation and I hope you enjoy your purchases!

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself!!! You are HUMAN, and honey, $120 really is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Add’l 30% off is big, and I too partook in shopping (scored a trench at BR!). You are still an inspiration!!!!

  • I really think you’re being too hard on yourself. You don’t need to punish yourself for spending $120. Seriously, I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and not once have you mentioned having a similar splurge. Punish yourself if you develop a habit of dropping $120 daily, weekly or even monthly on clothes. But once in a blue moon? I don’t think you should freak out about it.

    Slash, I’m saying it because I love the feeling of wearing new clothes to work. Hoping you love that feeling too…

  • I ate panera two days ago with coworkers. That place is expensive and leaves me hungry. It is good, but I just can’t justify the cost. I think you got a pretty decent deal on all the items. Maybe it was more than you wanted to spend, but you still got a good deal.