Weekend Spending

One of the reasons I love living in a semi-big city is that there’s always something fun to do on the weekends. This past weekend was my roommate’s birthday, so I got a few of our friends together and surprised her with ice skating and karaoke on Friday night. Then Saturday we spent the day around the city and venturing to the National Harbor. Sunday I babysat, which was much needed for my budget.

Birthdays are fun, but I hate the pressure of paying for the birthday girl/boy’s meals. I will do it, but I have never been a fan of that tradition. Perhaps that makes me sound like a heartless friend.

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  • I never understood that tradition either, but I find myself going along with it because all my friends have done it. And when they took me out to dinner, I felt so weird since I put in my money and they were like, no no no, this is your present.

    I would prefer the time spent as the present. And a card. I’m a sucker for cards.

  • I’m with you on the dinner thing. I tend to think it is nice enough that people have made the effort to come out, spend money on being there and celebrate with you – I’d be horrified if anyone thought they ‘ought’ to buy me my dinner!