December, you're here!!!


1. Increase net worth by $1,000.
It’s going to happen this month… I can feel it.

2. Cruise goals:
Get a really good tan.
-Don’t use the elevator at all.
-Have a fab time.

3. Kiss J at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’re not sure our New Years plans yet. And last year it didn’t happen! We were at a party and for some reason I was playing with a dog and didn’t realize it was midnight… needless to say I’d really like a midnight kiss this year.

4. Update blog with holiday header.
Preferably this week!

5. Recap 2009 goals and decide 2010 goals.
I love making new goals! 2010 is going to be a REALLY good year.

6. Watch at least 3 holiday movies.
Yaaaaay! Holiday movies!!!

7. Workout a decent amount.
I’m not putting a specific goal on this because I don’t want to be bummed in if I don’t reach it. If I have not gained any weight by January then I’ll be happy.

8. Have a holly, jolly Christmas!


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  • Hahaha… but you got some puppy love on New Years last year! =)

    I’m so nervous about my 2010 goals. I only have one set – the rest I keep floundering on. My 2009 ones were so easy, but for some reason the 2010 goals seem so difficult!

    Good idea on taking the stairs on the cruise. I did this anyway just because I couldn’t stand stopping on every floor with the old people ;)

    However, they had these beautiful glass ones that looked out of the water – so if I HAD to take an elevator I made the old folks take that one. At least I got beautiful scenery. =)

  • Love the pic.

    Great goals. I love the holiday movies, too (we’ve already been watching them on the Hallmark and Lifetime channels).

    And yes, make sure to get that New Year’s kiss. It’s important. :)

  • Love the header MPP. I hope you get your kiss. BF and I have been together for 3 years and I’ve never gotten a kiss. I hope I can get that midnight kiss this year too.