November Recap


1. Continue no clothes shopping or eating out for lunch until 2010. Success for the no-eating-out. Epic Fail for not buying clothes.

2. Increase net worth by $1,000. Fail.
I think December will be better… I have a theory that my net income is “really good” only every other month. Usually one month has more expenses or the benefits don’t carry over until the next month. My November Net Worth will be updated soon.

3. Pay $700 towards debt. SUCCESS!!!
This was the first month I’ve upped it to $700. I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to have enough for spending money, but thankfully it didn’t effect my monthly expenses too much.

4. Run at least 40 miles. FAIL.
Huge fail because I never signed up for the jingle bell race. If you’ve been following my spending reports closely (which I don’t expect anyone to really do), then you may notice I never paid for the race registration. I didn’t sign up for two reasons: I have asthma (running outside is a lot harder now) and the race starts really early and would be a major inconvenience to get to for me. Oh well! Sometimes you have to say no to things.

5. Buy all of my Christmas presents. FAIL.
I’ve got 85% of it done and plan to get the rest in the next week and a half.

6. Have a delightful time visiting J. SUCCESS!!!
Hooray for fun trips, football games, delicious food, and a chance to relax with the boyfriend.

7. Post a list of things I’m thankful for. Success.
Right now I’m thankful that this page looks like Christmas. :)


Overall not a bad month on goals. I’m learning that Fails aren’t really that big of a deal and sometimes it’s having the goal itself helps you keep motivated, even if you don’t reach it.

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