Thanksgiving Weekend Spending Report


Thanksgiving Highlights:

  • Eating my body weight in turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc.
  • Sleeping in on Black Friday.
  • Not checking facebook, email or blogs for four days.
  • Hosting 20+ family members at my parent’s house.
  • Creating silly videos with all of my cousins.
  • Attending my first NHL game.
  • Sharing leftovers with my parents and J’s parents.
  • Blasting Christmas music on my 6+hour drive.

Spending Report:

Beginning Balance: $144.42

Deposit: +$40 babysitting
Cable: $50
Gas: $31.76
Target: $38.33 food, gifts
Gas: $28.63
Starbucks: $10 (two $5 gift cards)
Chickfila: $7.98
Panera: $4.99
Wendy’s: $3.88

Ending Balance: $38.48

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