Debt Update: $2800 left!

Personal finance has made me a little weird.

Here’s what I mean:

Each weekday morning I try to wake up early. I read some blogs, write posts for the day, stalk check up on facebook friends, and meander before I have to get ready. Well, today was no different. As I was sitting on my bed balancing a hot cup of coffee and my netbook, I turned to my online bank account and squealed, nearly dropping my coffee mug on my pretty covers. I was so happy! The reason? My bank account was $1000 less than it was yesterday!!!! It was sooo exciting! (See what I mean? Weird.) But for me that could only mean one thing: my debt and saving checks had gone through. :) :) :)

You’ll see where I saved in tomorrow’s Spending Report (gotta keep those interesting), but here’s the debt paid for this month:

$2,800 left? Psssh. That’s nothing. And who knows? I may be debt free sooner than I think…. ;)

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