Spending Report: Where did my paycheck go??

Beginning Balance: $38.48

+$2,407.96 salary

-$700 debt
-$100 Roth IRA
-$25 car repair
-$100 emergency fund

-$660 rent
-$85 cell phone & internet
-$23 car insurance

Christmas Gifts:
-$10.59 dvd
-$10.59 dvd
-$50 gift
-$23.29 wrapping paper, etc.

Other Expenses:
-$17.25 gasoline
-$53.28 clothing – bra & gym pants (both semi-necessities)
-$10.11 groceries
-$31.73 gasoline

Ending Balance: $564.60

As always, the first week of the month has money going in all directions. I still have around $150 in bills that will come in the next few weeks so I have approximately $400 to live on this month. Doable, eh? I sure hope so. December is a tricky month and I could easily spend all of that money on parties, gifts, decorations, dinners, etc. There’s always just one more person you could buy for.

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  • “There’s always just one more person you could buy for.”


    I was walking today at lunch and realized that I should probably get something nice for the administrative people in our department that keep my life running smoothly. There are 4 of them. But then I thought – 4 MORE gifts…. sheesh…. then I decided that some cookies or a nice card would also work. But it is so easy to keep thinking of more and more people to buy for. Especially as the “Christmas spirit” starts working!

  • I think I’m going to stick to baking something for the floor. That way everyone gets something!

    Also, I love the snow all over the page. How did you do that?