What I’m Going to Buy When I Become Debt Free

I asked what you would save for as a “debt-free celebration.” I already had in mind what I would choose, but I found the answers to be very interesting! A lot of you chose to take a trip. I love traveling and really like that idea, but I think that I’ll save that for once J is finished with his debt also so we can both enjoy it together (more on that later). The gift I plan to get myself will be just for me. :)

I’ll give you three hints about what I choose my “debt-free item” will be:

1. It sparkles.

2. It shines.

3. It arrives in a pretty teal box.

That’s right: I’d like this debt-free item to be jewelry.

Ann was actually dead on when she commented about jewelry being a keepsake forever. My grandmother was a very classy lady and taught me that nice jewelry tells stories. She would remark on each of her fine pieces, saying “This is the necklace your grandfather gave me on our 10th anniversary. This is the bracelet I bought when I traveled to Rome. This bracelet your mom and aunts gave me for a birthday one year.” When we were little, she told each of her granddaughters that she wanted to buy us a ring when we turned 13 to mark our teen years. It was so exciting to shop for a ring with her and pick out our favorite jewel. I still wear that ring to this day and it always makes me think of her and the legacy that she left our family.

So I think it fitting to have a nice piece of jewelry to remind me of my financial journey. And what is classier than Tiffany’s? (Answer: nothing). Sure you may be paying for the label, but that’s part of the fun, right? ;)

So there it is folks. Now I need to get my head out of the clouds, off the Tiffany’s website, and put my mind towards more productive things… like getting this dang debt paid off asap! Thanks again for all your votes and suggestions yesterday! You guys really are the best.

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  • Oh man! Now I wanna know what you’re gonna get!! Necklace? Bracelet? Earrings? How fun!! This is such a good, MPP, I think I might do this for myself when I pass the CPA Exam!! :) Maybe I could get a little calculator pendant. Ha ha

  • I’m still gunning for shoes…come over to the dark side and get the shoes! That said, I’m with Carrie, let us know what you’re going to get. Can we vote on that too? I do vote for a Necklace.

  • I’m not a jewelry person, but I can appreciate when jewelry tells a story. I think that sounds like a lovely choice and something you’ll enjoy! :)

  • I Love this idea!! I think it’s a great thing to be able to look forward to after all the debt is gone! I may just have to have a ‘me’ fund too!

  • I’m excited for you! My grandmother and mother have been the same way with jewelry. We didn’t grow up wealthy by any means so when purchases on these items were made there was always a significant story or event behind them. Can’t wait to see what you get!

  • Oooh I like this too! I have never bought myself a piece of jewellery over $5 haha. I am getting close to debt free, I would love to do something like this. I always thought I would just take my family out to supper to say thanks, but maybe I can do both..hmmm
    Have fun shopping, I look forward to seeing what you choose!

  • I think that is a great idea for a get out of debt celebration piece. Something you’ll always remember and cherish. And who doesn’t love Tiffany’s?!?!

  • I vote for diamond stud earrings! Adds a touch of class to white shirt & jeans and adds the right amount of glamour to a little black dress. Perfect! :)

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