Spending Report + Weekend To Dos

Happy Friday everyone!

This morning as I was balancing my coffee, oatmeal, and netbook on my bed, I skillfully maneuvered towards my bank account to calculate my spending report for you guys. (I should really get one of these bed trays. Hint hint, Santa.) I hadn’t checked my bank account in days and couldn’t remember at all what I had spent this week–a little scary thought while the bank website took its sweet time loading. I opened up my checking account to find that I only had one purchase this week! Has that ever happened before? Probably… but I don’t remember recording it. So here’s the shortest Spending Report I’ve ever had. Perhaps one day I’ll have nothing to report!

Beginning Balance: $436.23

-$6.47 Chipotle for dinner. Not at all a necessary purchase.

Ending Balance: $429.76

ALSO: I’ve babysat some, but it’s all cash right now so I don’t really want to add it yet until I’m ready to deposit and figure out where I want it all to go. I am thinking towards my debt because I think I’ll be able to make it on my salary only this month without any extra income’s help. Yippeeeee.

{Weekend To Do List}
So was anyone else shocked to wake up and find that it’s December 11th today? One more weekend after this one and then it’s Christmas! Holy wow, time is flying fast. Here are some things I need to accomplish this weekend:

  • Make a list of all of the outfits I need to pack for my break: summer outfits for the cruise + winter outfits while at home.
  • Finish wrapping a really special present for mailing out Monday. ;)
  • Vacuum the apartment.
  • Figure out blog posts while I’m away.
  • Finish Christmas shopping!!!!!
  • Go to the gym.
  • Meal plan for next week.
  • Babysit. Cha-ching.
  • Attend a Christmas party!

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  • It’s funny that you didn’t even seem to notice the lack of spending. That is when you know you’ve started to master your finances.

    Oh man, I wish I was going on a cruise. It snowed here, and I suddenly remembered why I moved to CA in the first place: I hate winter. Climate-wise, moving back to the East Coast was not the smartest choice.

  • Wow! A really short list! Way to go… especially since you didn’t realize it :)

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for the weekend, have a great time!

    Btw, really like the new blog header, the cute snow AND the adorable “Me Fund” box on the side. Yay!

  • Congrats on the shortest spending report ever! :)

    I’m just barely keeping up with all the things to do before Christmas, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be late figuring out what to get the cousins this year, all other shopping seems to have been taken care of. Whew!