Weekend SR/Weekly To Do's

HAPPY MONDAY! I’m just going to warn you right now, this post is all over the place and really not very interesting to anyone else but me. This week is going to be crazy busy so I’m using this blog to organize myself. My apologies!

Weekend Recap:

  • Make a list of all of the outfits I need to pack for my break: summer outfits for the cruise + winter outfits while at home.
  • Finish wrapping a really special present for mailing out Monday. ;)
  • Vacuum the apartment.
  • Figure out blog posts while I’m away. Almost. I have about 2 left.
  • Finish Christmas shopping!!!!! NO! I didn’t get to finish this one! All I have left now: little office gifts (will probably bake something) and J’s parents. What do you get two people who have everything??
  • Go to the gym.
  • Meal plan for next week.
  • Babysit. Cha-ching.
  • Attend a Christmas party!

Beginning Balance: $429.76

-$16.40 @ Target for wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, etc.
-$5.15 @ Grocery for Christmas cookie ingredients
-$8.48@ Pier 1 because my kitchen timer broke
-$43.78 @ Forever 21 – gifts for two friends, plus a pair of skinny jeans for me

Ending Balance: $355.95

I’ve babysat three times this month and earned $180 so far and plan to get $50 this Thursday. I also got $100 from my grandmother for Christmas. I’m paying $300 of this money to my debt. Woohoo! It’s December (traditionally the most expensive month) and I’ll have paid $1,000 towards debt! That’s pretty flipping sweet if you ask me.

To Accomplish this Week:

  • Buy J’s parents a Christmas present.
  • Bake something for select coworkers (supervisors, boss).
  • Go to the gym three times.
  • Post 2010 goals.
  • Figure out all blogs while away.
  • Attend PF happy hour!
  • Mail surprise package today. :)
  • Pack for the cruise and don’t forget passport!
  • Finish 10,000 things at work.
  • Take breath and enjoy the season.

Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful and productive week!

PS – I updated my blog header and some little areas of my blog. Can you find them? ;)

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  • The header is def different.

    You added your Tiffany’s box and the Twitter is different.

    Were those featured links there before or is that new advertising?

  • I love the Tiffany’s box. That’s a great way to keep track of your savings. I think I forgot to tell you that I love your choice as well! I love collecting jewellery. During law school I bought myself something from my fav jewellery store (a little place that carried pieces from different artists) whenever something “big” happened – conquered interviews, finished 2nd year, finished 3rd year. B also got me a necklace from there. I love wearing the pieces and thinking about what they represent.

    As for J’s parents, if they have everything, why not get them an “experience” present – a gift certificate for a great restaurant or a spa? When B and I get married, we will probably have everything we need already, so I will definitely be asking for things like that myself. :-)

  • For J’s parents, a gift basket that you put together yourself is also a nice gift.

    Pick a theme for the basket: cider & cookies by the fire, wine & cheese night, game night, popcorn & a movie, or a gardening basket. Think about what they do with you when you visit, that might also make a nice theme for a basket.

    And you don’t have to use wicker for the “basket” part. A nice popcorn bowl for the popcorn & movie basket, for example, is much more useful than an actual wicker basket.