$2009+ in 2009

This year I had the goal to make $2,009 in extra income. Cute number, eh? ;) I definitely surpassed that by a lot! Although not all of it was earned income… for example tax refund is money I already earned in my salary from 2008. But you get the idea.

Extra Money in 2009:

$2,287 babysitting
$1,709 tax refund
$400 rent from roommate
$320 blogging
$300 monetary gifts

TOTAL = $5,016

These gifts and earned jobs have really helped me meet my goals this year. I’m so thankful for the opportunities that have come my way! Goal accomplished!

{photo credit… and btw I promise I didn’t do that to earn any of the above amounts. Tehe. Perhaps I should give it a try in 2010?}

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