Spending Report

Accomplished this Week:

  • Buy J’s parents a Christmas present. See below what I got them!
  • Bake something for select coworkers (supervisors, boss). Peppermint Bark!
  • Go to the gym three times. Went 4 times. Booya.
  • Post 2010 goals.
  • Figure out all blogs while away.
  • Attend PF happy hour! Done!
  • Mail surprise package today. :)
  • Pack for the cruise and don’t forget passport!
  • Finish 10,000 things at work. YAY!!!!
  • Take breath and enjoy the season.

Presents for J’s Parents:
His Dad: I got him a Redskins’ daily calendar. Eh, kind of lame, but he’s so darn hard to shop for I think this is good enough.

His Mom: Ever since I first met his mom, she told me to call her Mama Smith (not their real last name), so I decided to get a plain apron and embroider “Mama Smith” on it. She cooks a lot and I think this will be a thoughtful gift.

Beginning Balance: $355.95

-$31.00 gasoline
-$10.80 Happy Hour
-$300 Debt!!!
-$58.38 Christmas gifts, multiple stores
-$4.76 Subway

+$80 from roommate
+$50 babysitting
+$130 cash I’m using for my cruise

Ending Balance: $251.01 (not including the cash)

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