White Christmas?

One of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas. They’re all so jolly, aren’t they? I have to admit, I’ve never had a snowy Christmas. Growing up in the South doesn’t afford for many snowy Decembers. Have you ever had a White Christmas? Is it suppose to snow where you tonight? It’s definitely not going to snow where I am….


Merry Christmas Eve! :)

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  • I grew up in Upstate New York, and we almost always had a White Christmas. We are definitely supposed to get weather at my Mom’s house tomorrow, which I am totally pumped about! :) Merry Christmas, MPP.

  • Really happy that you have scheduled posts. I hope you are in a nice and sunny place.

    I’m from NY so the white christmas is a guarentee. But lately the weather has been pretty funky, and last year we didn’t have one.

  • White Christmases are pretty common up here in the Minny. Actually, it’s really sad when we don’t have one. And yes, we are getting a doozy of a white Christmas this year…but it’s a lot better when the white comes before the holiday instead of messing up everyone’s travel plans like it is this year.

  • We’ve got snow on the ground from last week’s storm, so it’s nice! I think it’s supposed to rain on Christmas, though, which will cause a slushy, icky mess.

  • It’s sunny and a mild 65 degrees here, but I’m watching White Christmas on TCM at this very moment to make up for it! Love this movie. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  • That’s a movie I’ve never seen before… I should watch all the classics (because of my French Canadian roots I didn’t watch many of the American classics growing up).

    We have snow here but not a lot… we got rain during the few days before Christmas that melted a lot of it away…