"Elementary, my dear Watson."

I’m a bit of a Sherlock Holmes dork and am sooo excited about this movie. J’s family always has the tradition of seeing a movie in the afternoon on Christmas Day. Does anyone else have that family tradition? Anyone seen it yet?


Eeeeee! I’m so excited!

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  • We do! It was too snowy to go out though, so I think we’re going today instead. My nephew is 3, so we are going to the Squeakquel (chimpumks movie), haha.

  • We do, too! We saw “Invictus” and it was amazing. Most of the Sherlock Holmes afternoon showings were sold out at our local movie theatre :)

  • I love Sherlock Holmes, too. Unfortunately, I was not excited to see this movie coming out. :( It does not remind me of a studious and methodical man…

    Please do let me know if it was worth seeing. I do love Robert Downey, Jr. Especially in Iron Man. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  • We have a movie watching tradition, but it is usually after the midnight mass on Christmas Eve. So we end up staying up until 4 AM watching a random movie on tv. This year, my present to my dad was tickets to go see Avatar, a movie he has been salivating…er, I mean, wanting to see forever. It was amazing. That was actually my 2nd time seeing it. I loved it and highly recommend.

  • My wife’s family has a movie tradition on Christmas, this year they saw Invictus, but we chose not to go and instead take the opportunity to get home (we had been staying with her parents) since the roads were finally clear. We had a pretty wicked storm up here last weekend.

  • YES! My family always goes to a movie on Christmas Day, and this year we saw Sherlock Holmes! It was very entertaining and definitely fun to see. Hope you enjoy it.