2009 Goals Recap!

Goals in 2009

  • Save $300 for Christmas by November 2009
    I’m having a debt-free Christmas!
  • Contribute $700 in Roth IRA
    Done! I contributed $900.
  • Pay off two of my three student loans
    Done! Yay!
  • Pay off $4000 of the $8k I owe my parents
    Now I have $2500 left!
  • Make an extra $2,009 in 2009
    Made $5,016!
  • Have a $0 net worth by January 2010
  • Sew a quilt!
    I too
    k a quilting class and made a small one, but didn’t make one for my bed like I wanted. Oh well!
  • Complete the Baltimore Half Marathon
    I’m not a huge fan of races and am very thankful this is behind me.
  • Lose 10 pounds by July 11th (best friend’s wedding)
    Lost only 5 pounds. Oh well!
  • Get a promotion or raise this year
    Wow what a huge blessing this was!
  • Grow a garden
    Done… if herbs count.

I like making achievable goals and I think I did a pretty good job of that this year! Not sewing a quilt and losing another five pounds is nothing to cry about. What a great year it’s been.

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