Cold rambles over a hot cup of coffee.

It’s only Day Seven and already the optimism of a new year has quickly been replaced with the Winter Blues. Ugh. Anyone else feel a little down in January? Cold weather is really only useful in November and December when you have a cozy decorated den to relax and snack on Christmas cookies. But now that holiday parties are over, the new year brings strong convictions against sweets and laziness, so I’m over this cold weather.

I’m sad my lovely holiday is over. On Monday we received the days off we’ll have this year and I’m very sorry to announce I have zero paid holidays until Memorial Day. That’s five cold months from now.

Oh yes, and then there’s the fact that I spent six wonderful days with J. My friends, that is the longest amount of time we have spent with each other in our one and a half years of dating. Isn’t that a little depressing? It was so wonderful to be together, but it so impatient to begin our life in the same town. I understand the circumstances and am thankful he’s finally graduated; but I wish the economy was better or we had stronger job contacts or that I could just blink and he’d be up here working at a fantastic company.

Does anyone else get the Winter Blues? How do you deal with them?


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  • I am totally feeling the winter blues, although it might have something to do with going back to work and my family being back- hello stress! I have no clue how to deal with it, so if you find out, let me know!

  • I feel you…. winter is just dreadful. The hardest part is it’s dark when I get up, and dark when I leave the office… and it will be that way for at least 3-6 more weeks or so. I would really like to see some sunshine.

  • Yep, I tend to get them. I can be worse in the summer because the sun is too bright and the world is too hot, but I also hit a low around this time of year. Darkness, cold, holiday letdown, getting back into work flow, I feel it all hit me.

    And LDRs…yeah, we did that for years. It sucks (though there were times we got more than 6 days).

    I try to deal with it by doing low-key stuff, not pressuring myself to be involved and engaged.

  • I’m not feeling them yet, even though there is 5″ of snow outside my apartment.

    I think that since everyone is posting still about resolutions and challenges for the new year I’m still pumped. Gimme till the end of the month and I’m sure I’ll have a different story. ;)

    That is CRAZY that you guys haven’t spent more than 6 days together in a row. I would go insane. I’m glad that you two are able to maintain such a strong bond either the distance.

    You don’t get president’s day off or anything like that?

  • january/february are my least favorite months typically, but i must say, moving to california has helped a bit with that. Still, the next day off I have is memorial day. Yuck!

  • Nope. Nor do I get MLK day or Lincoln’s Birthday or Valentine’s Day or Ash Wednesday or St. Patrick’s Day or Easter Monday or Flag Day… ;) Haha that would be pretty sweet if a company gave off all those random holidays!

  • I feel the same way! I *do not* function with cold weather. Also, my DH (darling husband) and I got to spend a week together (very rare as he is a commuting pilot) and not having vacay for the next 6 months is actually – as hard to imagine – worse than the weather.

  • Isn’t there some ‘thing’ about January 8th being the most depressing day of the year? If that’s true then I guess you’re not alone! Roll on Spring :)

  • I thought MLK day and Presidents day were federal holidays? How are you still working if the rest of America won’t even be in the office? I think you should revolt…

  • I completely understand, 5 months ago to stay employed I had to move 12,000 miles away from DC to Sydney, Australia. C and I have been together for over 2 years and the separation is … awful, but student loans don’t pay themselves! Whenever I get down about it, I go for walk and try to enjoy the beauty of this city while I live here. Getting out and moving seems to be the best way of fighting the blues. Good luck, remember its not forever!

  • I always dislike winter, unless it’s sunny out. Then, I make it a point to go out for lunch every once in a while — yesterday, I popped out to Target for cat food/litter (and managed to control my wallet!).

    I hear you about the holidays. While we get a few holidays, I have to work most of them — or work extra the weekend before to have the holiday off entirely. So they’re not really ‘holidays’ in my business!

  • I’m sorry honey! I actually haven’t gotten down lately, and the weather has been unusually cold! I think I’ve been “celebrating” it by bundling up inside with Lola and doing things like making hot chocolate or hot tea or something like that. Hope you snap out of the winter funk soon!!

  • I get the same way this time of the year. In December, I look forward to a new year, but once January rolls around it is difficult for me to get back into the swing of things. The cold weather doesn’t help, as I feel like I’m cold most of the day. I’m trying to stay optimistic by focusing on the goals I set for the new year.

  • I always get the January blues. Mine start in October! I work on exercising a lot. I bought a treadmill so I can work out even in cold weather. It’s 0 degrees right now!