Debt Update: Another $800 bites the dust

Remember the days when I’d pay a measly $500 towards debt? Those days are no more. I didn’t update this towards the end of December, but I had an extra $300 through income and monetary gifts so I added a total of $1000 last month to finish the year strong. I cannot believe it! I don’t think I ever would have thought it possible this time last year to be this close!

This month I sent $800. I could maybe send more money that I earn, but right now I think I’ll need that for some living expenses this month. My hope is to get this paid off in March with tax refund money.

I cannot believe I’ve paid $12,100! That’s a freak-load of money and I’m so excited to soon add these dollars towards my savings.

Two more payments until I’m debt free!!!!

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