Spending Report for the last two weeks

When I got back from my vacay, I was debating whether to pick up where I left my last Spending Report or just ignore it and calculate this week. It wasn’t that hard to calculate and thankfully it all reconciled evenly… so for those who care, here is my spending report from December 22 to January 7th.

Beginning Balance: $193.00

December Expenses
-$21.38 gasoline
-$4.24 fast food
-$13.30 sunglasses (that have already broken)
-$ 26.94 jewelry (will explain this later)
-$17.77 cvs medicine for terrible cat allergies @ home
-$16.16 old navy dress
-$16.11 a really cute apron for my “year of cooking”
-$30.05 gasoline
-$11.84 auto shop for a headlight

January Expenses
-$1.69 coffee
-$660 rent
-$43.10 jewelry (more later)
-$35.33 groceries
-$25.34 gasoline
-$14.75 movie tickets to see Sherlock Holmes :)
-$13.88 groceries
-$5.82 dining
-$105 transfer to car repair fund (leftover dec’s balance)
-$100 roth ira
-$84.50 internet & cell phone
-$75 charity
-$32 car insurance
-$30 gym
-$29.12 target: household stuff & yoga pants
-$800 debt!

+$2486 paycheck

Ending Balance: $466

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