December's Net Worth = Really Awesome

December is traditionally the most expensive month for me. As you all know I was MIA for about two weeks on vacation so I only checked my online bank account a few times to make sure I wasn’t over budget. To be honest I didn’t really think about my money that much. So when I finally calculated my net worth, I was shocked! Somehow I managed to increase my net worth by over $1,600! That is the most that it has increased since I got my tax refund in March.

Here are the details:

Cash: +$235

  • Checking: $110
  • Car Repair Fund: $427 — Added $144 to this fund from extra money, etc.
  • Christmas: $85 — No change.
  • Wedding: $25 — I added $975 from my Wedding Fund to my Emergency Fund so they were combined. After I pay off my debt, I want to get my Emergency Fund to $10,000 and then save for a wedding. That’s the plan today, anyways.
  • Emergency: $3,466 — Added $975 from Wedding Fund plus $105 saved from the month from extra money.

Retirement: +$350

  • Roth: $866 — $100 added in December, plus interest.
  • 401k: $2,863 — $200 was added (me+employer), plus interest.

Debt: -$1,000

  • Debt to Parents: $2,500 — I paid $1,000 towards my debt in December. Cha-ching!

TOTAL NET WORTH: $5,383 as of 12/31/2009

Summary: It is so encouraging to see that this stuff is really working. It’s really happening! I’m almost done with my debt and already my Emergency Fund sits at almost $3,500! I know January will be pretty expensive and there will be future months with a lot of expenses… but for now I’m just savoring the fact that I ended December worth $11,822 more than in 2008. Hell yeah!

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