Apartment Updates

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My Current Apartment Timeline:

  • August 1, 2008: Move to current apartment with a one-month lease with Roommate A.
  • April 2008: New Roommate D moves in and we rearrange the place to fit her for two months and an extra $400/month.
  • June 2008: Roommate A moves out and D takes over the lease.
  • July 31, 2009: I negotiate with the landlord and switch to a 6-month lease at the same price.
  • January 31, 2010: My 6-month apartment lease runs out.

Being the responsible adult that I am, I didn’t realize that the end of this month is the end of my lease until about a week ago. Oops! I contacted my landlord and have some exciting news… I can move to a month-to-month lease now!!!

My Future with this Apartment:
Apartment Cons:

  • No dishwasher
  • No washer/dryer (in basement)
  • No garbage disposal
  • One mile from metro=not the most convenient
  • Could be a safer neighborhood
  • There are AC units in the apt, but not my room

Apartment Pros:

  • I pay $660/month + electric = unheard of in this area
  • Takes me 20 minutes to get to work
  • Free parking for me plus any visitors
  • Although we’re not friends, my neighbors are all nice
  • It’s sooo cute!

Right now my plan is to not do anything until J either moves up here or gets a full-time job in the south. His parents told him he has to move out by the summer, so that’s a good deadline to find something.

Aside from J, I have mixed feelings about moving. First, I hate moving: it’s expensive and stressful and messy. I am so comfortable and lazy with where I live now so I’m in no rush. Second, this apartment is sooo cheap for this area, I will have to shop around for a really good deal to justify paying more. But depending on J’s situation (and wanting all of the things this apt can’t offer) I can see myself moving in the next year.

Anyway, this is just me over-planning things… hooray for the flexibility and freedom of month-to-month lease!

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  • I just moved out of my old place…actually, I’m still sort of moving (a week later) the last lingering boxes over, and could not agree more that moving is expensive, stressful, and (especially) messy. Since the move, I’m broke and constantly irritated by how disorderly my life has suddenly become. I’m SUPPOSED to be starting a bright new future (moved in with my girlfriend), but I feel more like a refugee from my old apartment.

    Good article. And good for you, over-planning. I moved on short notice, and had NO money to cover it. Now I’m in debt to the girlfriend…bad way to start things off.

  • $660/month? Unheard of indeed, very good. Especially if the apartment isn’t crap.

    We’ve been on month-to-month for a year and a half and I love knowing that we’re not stuck with penalties, etc, if something comes up.

  • Maybe you should check out Arlington, Virginia. I have a friend that works for a Senator (so Downtown DC) and it takes her 15 minutes to get to work. She is currently sharing a spacious bedroom apartment. Her rent: $600. Maybe it could be more expensive in other locations, but the area seemed pretty nice and the rent was amazing. And yes, there was a washer/dryer in the apartment. That still blows my mind.