A Very Late Spending Report.

My week has been very busy! But a very good kind of busy that helps the days go fast and gives enough challenge without reaching the stressful threshold. Being busy also keeps away the Winter Blues so I’m very thankful for that. Unfortunately my busy week meant I have neglected writing blog posts on here. You’ll forgive though, right? ;)

Girl’s Weekend
This past weekend I had a fabulous time with three of my great friends from college. We talked until 4am, went through many bottles of wine, shopped until our cute shoes wore out (I only spent $6, thank you), and ate so much food I’m starting to think those two pounds I lost last week are back with me.

Spending Report:
This spending report is a bit of a mess. I had $50 in cash and used it to pay for some meals/parking, and was reimbursed for putting meals on my card, so let’s just say I have $127 left in the bank. Some of the expenses for this weekend included gas and groceries that I bought last week , so I’m not going to tally up how much this weekend cost me, just make sure I stay under budget the rest of the month.

Here’s a high level of what I’ve spent since last week:

IKEA: $21.19 (found a cake stand!)
Groceries: $13.53
Medicine: $21.77
Gap: $6.26 (bought three workout shirts)
Gasoline: $20.57
Dining: $A lot.
Cable: $50
Target: $16.92 (bought three cardigans)

Ending Balance =$127.82

End-of-January Goals:
With such a little amount of money left for the month, my goal is to not to buy any more groceries and only spend this on gasoline and a dinner I have planned with a friend this weekend. I plan to get $175 from babysitting and roommate reimbursements, so I’d love to end January with $100 in the bank. We shall see about that.

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