Weddings! …and other future expenses.

It’s that time of the year again: Wedding Season! I arrived home from my vacation over Christmas to find out two of my friends are engaged. I am honored to be a bridesmaid in one of the weddings and am so excited about the fun festivities in the springtime!

However, as we all know, weddings are expensive–whether you’re the bride, in the wedding party or just attending. Here are some things I will probably need to buy in the next six months:

  • Bridesmaid dress ~$150
  • Shoes, makeup, etc. ~$50
  • Shower gifts ~$100
  • Planning showers ~$50
  • Travel costs ~$100
  • Lodging ~$100
  • Wedding gifts ~$130

Wow $680 is a lot of money! I was overestimating on some things, so perhaps I won’t have to spend that much, but I am sure all the little expenses will be at least $500 or so. The wedding I am in is in June and the other one is in September, so at least they aren’t too close together. At this point, I will figure out how I will pay for these things after February; aka: my debt is paid off and I know my tax refund amount.

While I’m on a role adding up future costs, here are some other pending expenses I’ll need soon:

  • Haircut: ~$70 including tip; it’s been way too long!
  • New phone ~$100; My two-year contract runs out this month and I desperately need a new phone. I’m debating to upgrade to a data package, but still am not sure if I want to pay the extra $10 a month.
  • Plane ticket to Atlanta ~$150; This could be part of the wedding costs, but we are probably going to have a bachlorette weekend in Atlanta this spring.

Is anyone else in a wedding party this year? Have you started planning for the costs?

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  • I’m in 2 weddings this summer. I’m sooo not looking forward to it. The only saving grace is that most of the expenses get spread out over a few months, so I won’t take a total hit at the same time.

  • It is definitely wedding season! Two of my friends got engaged recently as well, and I just got my first save the date. So it’s off to NYC for me in September… though for that wedding, I am turing it into a vacation! ;)

    It is DEFINITELY expensive to be in a wedding, which I have not yet done. But you’re right, they are expensive regardless if you are in them or not!

  • This reminds me that two of my friends are getting married next year and I will have to fly to their weddings, pay for hotel rooms, and buy gifts, at minimum. I need to start saving for this now! Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  • Whew, this makes me glad that I’m finally out of the “wedding years”. Now I’m on to the baby shower parties – which are way easier to handle financially. ;)

  • You have an upcoming wedding season, I have an upcoming baby shower season! I have three preggers friends right now (and it is only Jan, so this number could rise). Baby gifts/showers are considerably cheaper unless you have to travel to attend (which I might).

  • I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this opinion, but why shower and wedding gifts? If you plan on giving these gifts to the same person I suggest one or the other. I really think in today’s economy, more and more people are having to decide how many gifts to give. So if someone reading this is planning on getting married, please don’t get mad, I just think a shower AND a wedding is too much to expect.

  • At least you’ve got a bit of time to look around and have a look for some good deals but these things really add up don’t they?! For the past few years I’ve been giving photo albums as wedding gifts (have I mentioend this before?). Really beautiful ones don’t cost all that much compared to some of the things you see on wedding lists plus everyone gets an album for their official wedding photos but not necessarily for their honeymoon photos. Let us know how you get on!

  • Here in my country June is what being considered as wedding season.

    You aren’t really prepared for your special day, are you? :-)

    I too is excited when the time comes that I will wear a gown.

    Best wishes in advance.

  • I’m invited to a wedding in Greece and a vow renewal in Australia, both around the same tme, this year, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it. It’s incredibly pricey, but thankfully I’m not actually IN the weddings. Then again, I did swear off bridesmaiding anymore since the last one – I’ve done my duty several times. :)

  • I LOVE weddings — attending them! I DON’T love being IN them! I’ve been in a few weddings over the years and unfortunately what I remember most is how uncomfortable I’ve felt in the dress I was asked to buy — and wear! I have struggled all my life with my weight and every time I’ve been asked to be IN a wedding, the dress I’ve had to wear has been SO unattractive on me and has made me look so fat! I actually had a HUGE fight with my own sister, begging her to not make me wear the dress she wanted me to wear. I lost the battle (so after the ceremony, I changed into another black and white dress that I felt and looked better in! LOL!!) I guess I wouldn’t be so upset spending the money if at least it was something that I loved and would wear again. Well the good news is that I finally don’t have to worry about this anymore since a really good friend turned me on to this AMAZING weight loss system. I’ve never lost weight so easily!! Finally! So if anyone needs a brides maid…:)

  • Oh man… I’m 23 and none of my friends have gotten married yet. Unless the weddings are like the ones depicted in the movie, Wedding Crashers, I am NOT looking forward to the streak of people tying the knot in a few years. =p

  • Actually, I’m getting married at the end of March this year, and to avoid forcing financial burdens onto my bridesmaids, I am doing a few things:
    1.) Found sundresses on clearance at JCPenney online that were NOT bridal, but definitely lovely and will work for the wedding;
    2.) Purchased them myself for the girls, telling them that I will buy the dresses if they can handle the dress alterations and shoes/makeup/hair situation themselves (should they want to wear makeup or have their hair done–I’m not requiring it).
    3.) Bought them with a coupon code for free shipping and went through the WorldPoints purchase site for my credit card to earn triple points, which I will redeem to take the girls out for a nice lunch to thank them for their participation in the wedding.
    4.) I also am arranging for the maid of honor, who will have to drive several hours to be in the wedding, to stay with the family of another bridesmaid (who lives locally) so as to avoid lodging costs (and I am planning to send her a gas card to help with the trip).

    I also found my wedding dress on clearance at JCPenney online. Total, with shipping, was $41.00. A wedding on a budget–while still making it financially bearable for your wedding party–is doable. :-)