Employee Review & Goals

On January 21st I had my annual employee review at my company. To preface, I love my job. I won’t disclose what I do or where I work, but I love the company, my coworkers, and the variety of the projects. I work underneath two supervisors who I admire greatly. I have been with this company for 19 months now and in that time have received three raises

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  • I really hate employee reviews exactly for the same reason as you’ve (nicely) outlined above:


    I used to get things like:
    – more face time
    – speak up more (seriously? I was the most outspoken person they had)
    – to watch expenses (*rolls eyes, yeah because I complained about possibly living in a TRAILER*)

    And so on.

    It was nothing tangible.

  • Oh. and I forgot to write that my own career goals are:

    – Stay under in expenses ($25/hour billed)
    – Work when contracts come up (I don’t refuse any)
    – Keep my bill rate at a minimum of $100/hour

  • I like your review much better than mine. My company insists on the SMART goals, and they have to be linked to our boss’s goals, which are linked to his boss’s goal, etc.

    At my old job, this meant all of my goals were completely outside of my control. My new job is a little better, but luckily I have some additional projects to be trained on so those are at the top of my list.